December 10, 2008

Cincinnati Children's Hospital-seeing the specialists in colon disorders

Upon arriving at Cincinnati Children's Hospital from the other hospital in Lexington, I felt a great deal of relief because I knew Dylan was going to be in the best of hands. Dr. Marc Levitt has a wonderful reputation, and from meeting him I can honestly say he has a wonderful bed side manner as a doctor as well.

We first had to register, go through Dylan's history and update them on Dylan's current issues. Once this was done, it was time for an x-ray. Not long after was when we first met "the famous" Dr. Marc Levitt. He went over the x-ray with us and said Dylan still had a blockage, he was not to have anything by mouth foods or liquids and instructed the nurses to start irrigations immediatley. He was the man with a plan, his plan was to get him cleaned out that evening and then the next morning get an x-ray to make sure the obstruction was cleared. If everything was clear on the x-ray he wanted a contrast study done first and then later in the day would take Dylan to the OR to perform yet another rectal biopsy. Dr. Levitt explained to me they had the most qualified professionals that specializes in looking for signs of Hirschsprungs Disease and diagnosing it. So the repeat tests were important.

The irrigations worked well and by Thursday morning we were ready for the contrast study, which to ran smoothly and well. Dr. Levitt came and talked to us after veiwing the results and said he could tell by the contrast study alone, that Dylan very well still had a bad part of bowel left from the previous pull-thru surgery he had in 2006. He explained that indeed there was a stricture 50 cm up, but all 50 cm of the bowel from that stricture down wasn't working like it was suppose to which was indeed a sign that this part of the bowel had Hirschsprungs.

We went ahead with the rectal biopsy that evening, those results would prove whether or not Dr. Levitt's theory was true. After that test and he was woken up, they began letting him have clear liquids. My little guy was so thirsty he drunk 2 of the minature sprite cans in less than an hour. We went back to his room and Dr. Levitt then said he could begin to eat.....and eat he did, that morning he had a donut while waiting for his tray to come up from the cafeteria. He had eggs and sausage and I have never seen a child so happy to eat. He tolerated the food well since his colon was FINALLY empty and free of blockages. He later had some lunch, and the nurse came in and told us the exciting news-WE COULD FINALLY GO HOME! But not until the next day...first we had to learn to do rectal irrigations cause that would Dylan's treatment at home until we returned for his what I now call "re-do pull-thru" on January 6th.

Learning to do the irrigations was easier then I thought. Honestly I didn't think I could do it. But when it comes to keeping your child healthy and safe you will do things you never thought possible or things you never dreamed you would ever have to do for that matter.

After all we were sent home on Saturday the 6th of December on a cold, snowie day. We were glad to finally be heading home, but I was scared of having to go home to the irrigations twice a day, and having to wait for the actual confirmation of the biopsy results. Waiting really makes a parent a nervous wreck. This puts us up to date....right now we are tackling those irrigations twice a day, and although its difficult and I feel like I am torturing my child, I know its all for good reason and needs to be done.

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  1. You know, like I said in my blog, with this disease between colostomy,irrigations,enemas,etc. when we first get introduced with them we think "No way!" and realize we have to do what we have to do for our sons and get the strength hidden somewhere. Stay strong girl! You have a trooper!