January 28, 2009

Re-do Pull-thru (Jan. 6, 2009)

Our new year began with heading out to Cincinnati for Dylan's re-do pull-thru surgery. Everything went very well, there was no complications with bowel prep, and after surgery we found out from Dr. Levitt that Dylan didnt have to have as much of his colon removed as initially expected because the rare ischemic stricture that was there before had healed up on its own and went away. Although I did get shocking news that Dylan now only has 10 inches of his colon left. This was a surprise to me because we were told after Dylans first 2 surgeries that only a small portion was removed, both times. Dr. Levitt said he only had to remove a small portion but now Dylan only has 10 inches left, most peoples colons begin on the right side and comes down to the rectum on the left side and measures around 5 feet long, but now that Dylans is so short his goes from the small intestine and straight down on the right side. Im full of questions that are unanswered and will hopefully get those answers at Dylans follow up appointment next week.

Recovery at home has went wonderful, he has done so well. The only problems he has had is losing some weight and a nasty rash on his butt, which is expected for any child after a bowel resection. Right now we are taking things one step at a time, and hoping Dylan is on his way to living a normal and healthy life since having this medical problem taken care of. We are hoping the struggling is over and that we can close this chapter with Dylans Hirschsprungs journey and some day look back at the experience as memories. He is truly an inspiration to me, he has been through so much and still smiles and laughs all day, his struggles seem to have affected him in a positive way I think. Just hoping and praying that everything continues to go well after this.