February 21, 2009

Post op Check up-things seem to be ok!

Dylan went for a check up Feb. 17th with his original surgeon Dr. Beals. We had been scheduled to go back to Cincinnati to see Dr. Levitt but had to cancel due to the weather being bad so we went ahead and made an appt with Dr. Beals for a check up, he was there during the whole procedure and knew exactly what happen and was perfectly capable of treating us for a post op appt.

Everything went well, Dylan seems to be recovering fine. Dr. Beals told us Dylan only has a third of his colon left but that there is enough left that he doesnt think Dylan will have anymore problems. After the appt Dr. Beals wanted us to take Dylan to get an x-ray, which is what Dr. Levitt wanted us to do when we came to him. We still havent heard the results from it but Im sure no news is good news.

With all that Dylan has been through, meaning all 4 surgeries, we know that its gonna take time before Dylans bowel pattern is normal and he probably wont potty train like other kids, but we can only take it one day at a time and pray for the best. Dylan has also already had a stomach virus which he seems to get rather easily, and alot more frequently than normal kids. As for now, we are just hanging in there yet again and hoping everything soon returns to normal and hoping we dont have to deal with enterocolits, which is a type of infection kids can pick up after a pull-thru surgery. Dylan had "EC" once after his second surgery and was hospitalized and given iv anitbiotics for 5 days, so we are praying to avoid this, this time around.

Thanks to all of you that stop by to read and keep up with Dylans updates. I will post again if we go for another check up. We are hoping to take Dylan back to see Dr. Levitt in the next month or so, to see if he is well enough that we can stop the daily irrigations.


  1. He looks so good in his pic! That's all you can do is take it one day at a time. Colin gets stomach viruses a lot too (weird)..he just got over one, that's why I haven't updated for awhile. Tried calling you a few times. Let me know on myspace when is a good time to call. Miss talking to you and the updates. I hope Dylan gets better and better in time (((((Hugs))))

  2. Hi, I found your blog by following links from another HD mom. I just wanted to let you know we had my son's surgery with Dr L, and we love him. He's been so great to us, fantastic doing Noah's surgery, and he always answers our emails the very same day. I cannot say enough nice things about him.