March 12, 2009

Children who suffer

There are so many sick kids in the world, it breaks my heart to see this. Dylan has suffered on and off since birth with numerous illnesses and aches and pains. Its hard to watch your child suffer knowing there is nothing you can do about it. Dont get me wrong I am more than thankful and blessed that Dylan is as well as he is, cause I do know there are sicker and terminally ill children out there. Our visit to Cincinnati Childrens Hospital was a real eye opener for me, I saw children in such bad shape that I would cry...absolutely heartbreaking. It makes you thankful and makes you hug your children tighter thats for sure.

Dylan has been sick twice since his surgery in January. The most recent episode is going on now, and I have felt the need to vent which is the reason for my post today. This last surgery was a procedure to fix Dylans problems but yet we are faced with the same type of symptoms and problems we had before, so of course I ask myself...WHY did I put him through the awful experience of the surgery and the pain he indured afterwards if things were gonna end up being the same. Dont get me wrong, he is doing ok, but he gets so sick with stomach bug symptoms so often and it is really hard to watch him suffer with this. Last night he just cried and cried because he was in so much pain, and then after vomitting he finally quit crying and went to sleep. His bowel movements when he is sick like this literally stinks up the whole house, which is probably the bug or virus itself causing it to stink so bad. I just wonder if theres more behind all the stomach bugs, none of the rest of us get sick when he does this either, and most stomach bugs are contageous. Dylan having problems since birth with his intestines does make him more vulnerable to stomach bugs, and he has had more than a dozen in the past year.

With the help of God, I pray things get better as he gets older. All I can do is hope for the best and pray as much as I can.....There is a reason for everything but I will never understand why we have to see children suffer.....

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  1. just stopping by to offer you a hug and a prayer.