March 11, 2009

Hanging in there...waiting for some type of change

So we are aproaching Dylans 3rd birthday, it has been a long journey with Hirschsprungs that Im sure is not even close to coming to an end anytime soon. Dylan has been doing well, having bowel movements, eating like hes supose too, and mantaining his weight. Ive kept quite about the after math of the surgery and hospital stay but now Im beginning to get baffled. Dylan spent 2 weeks in the hospital, and ever since then my child is just not the same child. Anyone that knows us, knows that Dylan has always been well-behaved, very sweet and loving. Its turned into the complete opposite since this last surgery, its like he has just snapped and turned into a different child. From day 1 back at home it has been exhausting, dealing with tantrums and screaming all the time. The first week home from the hospital was very upsetting, instead of enjoying being home, relaxing, and resting, I spent most of my time trying to control Dylans tantrums and fits. He did finally calm down some, but still almost 3 months later he still doesnt seem to be himself. I have no idea if its the irrigations, or if theres something bothering him, if he keeps an upset stomach, or has pains, he doesnt tell me anything, but all I know for sure is he is very determined to throw fits, almost like going through the terrible twos at age 3. Im hoping things will get better, maybe once he establishes a poo pattern and his bowel movements get more normal he will come out of some of this odd behavior, but until then all I can do is hope and pray things get back to normal.....this surgery was suppose to help him not change him. Its just been really odd.....

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  1. I know what you mean. Our whole experience has left us to face many behavior issues with Tyler too. I want my sweet little shy and quiet boy back.