March 27, 2009

♥ Happy 3rd Birthday to Dylan ♥

Today is Dylan's 3rd Birthday, of course his birthday is a day to celebrate. I can't help but to look back 3 years ago and remember my baby being born with such a rare disorder that I thought I would lose him. In his short time here on this earth he has been through more than most adults have. He had his first helicopter ride at 2 days old, his first surgery at 3 days old....and through the years several more surgeries but yet has pulled through everything because he is a fighter. I admire his strength more then anyone will know. Dylan has dealt with more bad days then good being sick or in pain or recovering from surgery, or dealing with the uncomfortableness of daily irrigations but most days still plays and smiles like hes not had a bad day in his life. Celebrating his 3rd birthday is special, just as any other birthday he will have, we will take the time to look back and see how blessed we are to have him, and what he has overcome, and thank God for all he has done for Dylan.

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