April 20, 2009

A New Journey Begins-POTTY TIME

We made the trip again to Cincinnati to see Dr. Levitt, this time for a check up. Dylan had the dreaded rectal exam but with the wonderful news that there is no scar tissue, which is fantastic. Dr. Levitt and I discussed Dylan's bowel habits which at the moment is loose consistancy and more frequent then normal children. Dr. Levitt has us trying Pectin, to thicken the stool for two weeks and then after the two weeks we are to add a little imodium to slow the colon down. Since Dylan is 3 now he also wants us to at least try potty training by the time we go back to see him in six months. Im not sure how well Dylan will do with this, he is absolutely terrified of the toilet. I have encouraged him and tried to get him to sit on his potty chair, just for fun, and he screams and cries, so actually having to poo in it isnt gonna make him happy either. But we are just gonna take our time, give it a shot....no need in rushing or pushing. When the time is right he will master it, until then we are just on a trial and error experiment with meds and trying to find ways to get Dylan to use the potty. Other than this all is well at the moment, and I am more than grateful Dylan is doing so well for a change. Our Hirschsprungs journey is far from over, just starting a new chapter which is titled POTTY TRAINING.