May 8, 2009

~Thanks for your comments~

Just wanted to make a post to thank everyone who has stopped by to read our Hirschsprungs journey. My reason of making this blog is for one to make HD more known about, to raise awareness about this rare disorder and two to let other parents who have HD children know that they are not alone.

I appreciate all the comments, and am available by email to any of you who would want to contact me for information or questions. You can reach me at

Alicia, we havent had much success with the pectin yet. We tried the powder and the type we bought was bitter and made anything we mixed it with thicker so we have quit with that for now. I plan on trying the other types as soon as I can and will let you know how that goes. I also know that alot of other parents use probiotics too, you can purchase them in pill form and also things like yogurt has natural probiotics in them.....

Again thanks...feel free to contact me or make any other additional post or questions....thanks for reading our story!