July 29, 2009

So Far~So good

As of today, coming up on the ending of July and going on almost 2 months since Dylan's last episode of stomach bug symtpoms...just praying he continues to do well. Dylan is growing and getting so tall, and looking skinny. We have not tried the potty training as of yet, and really I dont want to push him cause he has no interest at all, and ever since this last surgery Dylan shows anxiety symptoms, he is scared of EVERYTHING.

We havent continued with the pectin, just for the simple fact that like Ive said before it was just so thick and bitter you could not mix it with anything and get him to take it. BUT, his bowel movements have slowed down, but still not thickening up. We are just gonna have to find some type of foods or vitamins to help with the bulking up. Dylan is suppose to go back to Cincinnati in October, and Im hoping to find some type of solution to his loose bowel movements before then. He still is dealing with nasty rashes depending on how much he goes a day, and consistancy. For you moms out there that have children struggling with this as well, the best types of creams that I have found for clearing up soars, (Dylans get so bad they look raw and bleed), is Sensi-care, elidell (px, used mostly for ezcema) and tha magic butt balm, which is a mixture of mylanta, some type of powder and desitin, our doctor wrote this out as a prescription that the pharmacy mixes up...and it has worked wonders when nothing else helped.

As for now, Dylan is doing awesome, growing, learning, and becoming a regular 3 year old. Ive started thinking about preschool but Im not really sure if I want to tackle that yet, afraid it would turn into a disaster that I dont want to deal with, hes so attached to his momma anyways.....

Hope all the other Hirschsprungs families out there are doing fabulous! Well wishes to you all and your special children!