January 15, 2010

Night Time Tummy Troubles

I know I have said time and time again, that I am blessed that Dylan is well and healthy, things could always be worse (and thank god they arent). But I must know, when will these kids every get a break? Im sure the other Hirschsprungs families can relate to that question.

Dylan woke up at 3 am this morning, his stomach rumbling, crying that he needed a diaper, his words were "I poopied Mommy, change my diaper"....But there was nothing there. He continued this for an hour, I kept trying to massage his belly, put his body in positions that would help relieve gas if that was the problem, while I rubbed his back. Nothing seemed to help. It really breaks a mothers heart for her child to be complaining of pain and discomfort, and yet theres nothing she can do to help. Hugs and love is all a mom can do at times like this....My poor little guy finally went back to sleep, and woke up this morning fine. So it is a good possibility that it could have been gas (air) build up that was causing him such pain. He hasnt had any bowel movements today, and after last night that makes me wonder if an obstruction is starting but you know what....I worry too to much......So hopefully its nothing and today things will return to normal. On days like this is does help to keep a positive attitude and be optimistic. If not the worries and struggling would drive you crazy other wise.


  1. oh no... i might have lost a comment I sent you

  2. Hi catrina_lynn,
    I too have a son with hirschprungs. I am so glad you have blogged about what you and you family are going through. I find being able to hear others issues that are so close to my own very helpful to get through those tough moments. I to feel happy and blessed that our son is healthy, and there are so many others out there who are worse off.
    So once again, thank you for sharing your sons story.

  3. Thanks Tara, Im glad you can relate and like to read!!!! I once thought, wow Im going to bore people to death if they make it past the first 2 posts...But the reason I keep blogging is to let other parents knw they arent alone and HD is something thats really in my opinion not so "rare" anymore...So my purpose is to inspire strength because nothing about HD is easy.

  4. Our 14 month old is still waking through the night 1-3x and I am convinced it is the HD...sometimes poop, sometimes gas...but always me going hmmm, what is it now? He cannot tell us yet but if there is no poop then we usually have lots of gas while we are changing his diaper. I am GUESSING that maybe gas passes easier during the day when he is moving, and at night things settle and gas does not move through w/out waking him...poor guy. I hope eventually we can all sleep through the night!

    Thanks for the blog!

  5. I am a 23 year old female with hd (Catrina I just sent you a note through wellsphere). I am currently up with....a stomach ache! ironic, yes? I just wanted to send out a word of encouragement to all and say that I am healthy. Though yes I still have loose stools, watch what I eat, have to drink more water than most, and have a weak immune system, I discover more and more about myself everyday and what it takes to manage my body. I've learned that exercise and water work miracles for a upset/bloated stomach! Hang in there you are an incredible mother. My heart goes out to all mothers with children who have hd because I can only begin to imagine the struggles my own mom had as I went through numerous experimental surgeries.

    much love to you and Dylan