January 12, 2010

Jan 2010 ~1 year anniversary of Dylan's second Pull-thru surgery

Christmas is over, the new year has begun. January 6, 2010 marked a special time for us.....a new year, and Dylan's official 1 year post operative anniversary. Though its been one long road, and the battle is clearly not over, last year was a blessed year. Dylan has been doing ok, hasnt been sick that often like he had been at one time. We have attempted potty training, or well I should say I have, but Dylan is just stubborn and really doesnt even want to try. As of now, hes still in diapers, well if you count the 1 hour of a day that he will keep one on anyways. Hes in that stage to where he is always wanting to pull his diaper off, and when he does this I take him straight to the potty and tell him if he doesnt want to wear a diaper that he needs to try to use the toilet. Of course, when I take him there and make him sit there against his own will, he gets mad and doesnt like it. The only thing is, if I leave it up to him to do it, he wants to sit there with his diaper or underwear on. So we are having absolutely no luck with toilet training. I knew it would be a difficult task, but its turned out harder than I amagined just because Dylan does not want to do it. I still plan on using this oppurtunity to my advatage though, if hes going to take his diaper off a dozen times a day, then hes going to sit on the potty each time. With this hopefully he will begin to realize what he needs to do if he doesnt want to wear a diaper.

Dylan's hirschsprungs journey has never been easy, although we are lucky it has went as well as it has. Theres so many kids out there that struggle alot worse, so I am more than thankful that God has let us have "the easy road" compared to some. I cant complain, we will just work at it until we get it. Dylans 4th birthday is coming up, and I cannot believe how time flies. My little boy is turning into a big boy and will soon start preschool which will be a whole new chapter, and hopefully we can get him potty trained by then, and if not then, well we will pray that he ends up with an understanding teacher that has a big heart. So, to the rest of you Hirschsprungs mommies out there...stay strong, and take it one day at a time...Things will slowly look up, when things seem hard, just remember, things could be worse, we still have our precious children after all, some havent been so blessed. So always count your blessings...the few, the better, just be thankful.


  1. Hello, I have two children (my only children) that have HD. I have not had a chance to read your blog, so I don't know your whole story, but I wanted to say for many of us it does get better w/ time. I too am VERY lucky to have the "easy road" of HD w/ my two boys. The oldest is 18 yrs old and thinsg were rough for him, but back then thinsg were just different than they are now. My lil one has had it very easy.

    I just wanted to stop in and say hello and good luck

  2. Potty training, that's somethign to think about. My boy, Joey Coop (13 months) has HD too. We are 8 months post op. My wife has been updating our story regularly at our blog, josephweiss.com

    Us HD daddies are with you too.

  3. Thank you for stopping by and reading our story....

  4. I can't thank you enough for this blog! I discovered it while searching for potty training HD kids. My son is 18 months and had his pull through at 2 months. It's been a struggle with enterocolitis and other illnesses. Every time I get so frustrated and feel like we're taking a huge step back. It's nice to read this blog and know that there is someone who understands what this is like.

  5. Caroline, I very much understand, my son has struggled the same way. Our biggest concern over the past 2 years have been reocurring bouts of Enterocolitis...Its so frustrating! Thank you for reading, and Im glad my blog if anything helped you understand that you are not alone.