April 18, 2010

We have accomplished our biggest Hirschsprung's Milestone!

I officially have a potty trained 4 year old little boy....I must confess I could not be any prouder!!!! Dylan has done really well with the laxative and fiber supplement, this is helping him go twice a day. He has done so well, and seems to be so proud of himself too. He likes his big boy underwear!!! Dylan has been potty training for 11 days, although we had that one episode of a blockage when we first started once we go that cleared, things became more regular thanks to the laxative and fiber supplement. He had a few accidents in the beginning but after the 3 or 4 day mark he did quite well. Our only problem is that Dylan seems to "hold" it...I find him crossing his legs and basically have to drag him to the toilet at times. But he is doing excellent and I honestly didn't expect things to go as good as they have. I am so very thankful!!!!!!!

He seems to be so proud of himself every time he gets on the toilet to go, when hes finished he has the biggest smile and of course he likes to see MOMMY be proud of him and tell him what a good job he's done ....I am truly blessed!!!! Hopefully this is the light at the end of the tunnel with our Hirschsprung's Disease journey, although I know things will creep up later, and he will probably still have minor issues with his intestines, but over all I think he has conquered his Hirschsprungs Disease battle and has showed it, HE IS THE BOSS....Prayers to all of you who are still struggling with HD and potty training. And to those who haven't started potty training, please use Dylan's story for inspiration and hope and know that nothing is impossible and things do get better. Dylan has had a rough 4 years, but to see him come this far and accomplish potty training has been so worth the wait. My heart is filled with compassion for all of you going down this same road...May God bless you and help you on your Hirschsprung Journey...

April 13, 2010

"Fiber Choice" The perfect fiber supplement that kids will actually eat!

I haven't researched this product, so I am not sure if many physicians recommend this or not but Dylan seems to love it and it he could sure use more fiber in his diet. Since trying potty training lately, I thought more fiber in the diet would help bulk up the stool or loosen it if needed. Fiber usually helps regulate the bowels. This fiber supplement is a tablet and is made in fruity flavors which makes it easy for kids to actually take without having to put up a fight like other bad tasting medicine or supplements.

This is offered at most drug stores and probably available at Wal-Mart as well. I found a small traveling tube size like they make the glucose tablets, for $2.25 at our local Dollar General Store. The big containers are $14.99 which is a reasonable price for a bigger amount. Just wanted to share this information in case anyone else is trying to get more fiber into their kids diet.

Laxatives and Fiber is the key to our Potty Training Success

Dylan has done pretty well with understanding the concept of toilet training. During the first day of potty training he did poop in the potty a few times but started showing serious signs of constipation and possibly an impaction or obstruction so we quit for a day and had to return to the dreadful (but life saving) rectal irrigations. Once returning to potty training I emailed a nurse at Cincinnati Children's Colorectal Center, and she said to start a daily laxative to prevent constipation instead of just using a laxative to treat it when it occurs. So we are back to 1 chocolate Exlax and I have added a fiber supplement as well. Today has been the perfect day with no accidents and I am so proud to have been able to be patient and let Dylan work this out on his own. He's still got a ways to go before "mastering" it, but he is getting there and I couldn't ask for more. I am pleased to have come this far with the rough road Dylan has had. Seeing Dylan use the toilet like a big boy has been such a blessing, yeah how many parents are you going to hear say that? lol, but I know its a big accomplishment and milestone for him and I am so very proud of him, my heart melts after I praise him and he just has the biggest smile on his face like he has done the best thing ever..It just can;t get any better than that.. I pray that things continue to go well. Dylan is already enrolled in preschool for next year which begins in August, so we are making good progress and are hoping things will get better and better and that preschool will be a breeze. Stay tuned for more exciting potty adventures!!!!