April 13, 2010

Laxatives and Fiber is the key to our Potty Training Success

Dylan has done pretty well with understanding the concept of toilet training. During the first day of potty training he did poop in the potty a few times but started showing serious signs of constipation and possibly an impaction or obstruction so we quit for a day and had to return to the dreadful (but life saving) rectal irrigations. Once returning to potty training I emailed a nurse at Cincinnati Children's Colorectal Center, and she said to start a daily laxative to prevent constipation instead of just using a laxative to treat it when it occurs. So we are back to 1 chocolate Exlax and I have added a fiber supplement as well. Today has been the perfect day with no accidents and I am so proud to have been able to be patient and let Dylan work this out on his own. He's still got a ways to go before "mastering" it, but he is getting there and I couldn't ask for more. I am pleased to have come this far with the rough road Dylan has had. Seeing Dylan use the toilet like a big boy has been such a blessing, yeah how many parents are you going to hear say that? lol, but I know its a big accomplishment and milestone for him and I am so very proud of him, my heart melts after I praise him and he just has the biggest smile on his face like he has done the best thing ever..It just can;t get any better than that.. I pray that things continue to go well. Dylan is already enrolled in preschool for next year which begins in August, so we are making good progress and are hoping things will get better and better and that preschool will be a breeze. Stay tuned for more exciting potty adventures!!!!


  1. Wow! So happy for you!! Having fun, Dylan?? The one wonderful thing that I've found is an oxygen-based laxative that does not give diaper-rash and is non-addicting. Look for it in a health food store. It also helps clean out old backed-up poop. Do any of you wonderful moms of hd have ideas about diet? We've had a rough winter with Ben, who will be 3 in May. Lots of tummy aches and no regular bm's. Now we are trying a diet with plain meat and potatoes and veggies. No MSG, suger, milk. Does anyone else run into that? Keep courage all of you.

  2. Noreen,

    Dylan has never been on any type of diet. He has just been such a picky eater that there is no way I could do it. Dylan still isn't regular as far as bm's yet. But that is one reason we are doing the laxative and fiber supplement. We are hoping this will help some....I hope you find something to work for Ben. Its all trial and error and as mom's we do what we can!!! Best wishes to you and Ben, thanks for reading...Feel free to send an email anytime or post here if you ever need any advice or have questions. There are also some good links to the left of this page that will take you to some helpful sites some being support groups for HD....