June 15, 2010

So Far, So good...Potty Training is finished.

I am more than happy to report that potty training is officially over for Dylan. He has done rather well since his 4th birthday and things continue to be fine. We are still giving him a daily fiber supplement, and have decreased the laxative to a "need to" basis. His last episode of being backed up and sick was in April and I can honestly say that I have felt so relieved that he hasn't had anymore of these episodes. What seems to help him, is the laxative. If he goes a day with slower bowel activity such as only going once a day or just a little bit at a time that is usually a sign that he can use a laxative to help get things moving and back to normal. Usually this does the trick, giving him the laxative daily was causing him to go constantly and have diareaha which as you know can be difficult to control while potty training.

We finally got to see how Dylan would do away from home being toilet trained. We had a family get away for a weekend and went camping...I had no idea how Dylan would do, each camp ground had a bathroom between camp sites and I was afraid he wouldn't make it in time and would have accidents. Luckily though, things went well and he didn't have any accidents. It just took him forever to go, I guess it was a different bathroom and a public like place and wasn't home so it took him a while to get use to using a different toilet (after a can of lysol and tons of lysol wipes I might add). Over all it was a good experience and showed me that Dylan will do well in different environments as far as using toilets when away from home..This brings us up to date with our Hirschsprungs Journey...things seem to be ok and hopefully will continue this way. Next step is preschool in August. I look forward to blogging more then about our experience with HD and preschool....