November 8, 2012

Bye Bye Hirschsprung's --- Hello Autism

It has been quite a while since I have posted anything. Of course that means our Hirschsprungs journey is still in off mode...No problems, no issues, just a lot of trips to the potty but that is nothing to complain about considering what we have been through. To bring us up to date, Dylan is now in full blown autism mode, he is 6 years old now and in his second year of Kindergarten. Instead of struggling with bowel infections, rectal irrigations, diets, medicines, we now struggle with sensory issues, behavioral problems, developmental delays, social delays, speech delays, which all of course affects his education and ability to learn. I must say after fighting hirschsprungs disease for 4 years I thought we were done battling but now we battle this daily. At least his health is no longer compromised, he is healthy and I thank God for that. We will fight and battle this just as we have battled everything else. The most important thing to me is having Dylan live life with a smile on his face, for him to have joy in his heart and to find a way to bring him out of himself, open his mind and let the real him shine through. I am hoping to start a blog about our autism journey, autism affects so many families, almost every family these days so I look forward to giving more inspiration and hope with autism just as I hope I have offered some of you with our story of hirschsprungs. Best wishes to all of you!